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Vincent Sherry shows an able critic working where critics should, with language and culture, rather than in the mental ward.
The Panfilov prize went to Sergei Smirnov for a beautifully crafted ballet depicting inmates in a mental ward.
Their responses, from most to least frequent, were as follows: (1) helping people with brain problems, (2) mentally unstable, (3) mental problems, (4) crazy people, (5) helping people with problems, (6) psychological/psychiatric problems, (7--several words/phrases were tied) personality problems, depression, insane, mentally retarded/Down's syndrome people, (11) mental ward, (12) unfortunate people, and (13) needing aid.
Reminiscent of the work of the Quay Brothers (whose films have been featured at this festival in past years) and more stunning than the Tool music videos, The Stone of Folly is a virtually silent look at an ancient mental ward and the removal of a stone from one patient's head.
The narrator of "Cross Dresser," who is in the mental ward of a VA hospital, makes a fashion statement: instead of an official uniform, he says, "I tape my penis down between my legs and put on a pair of flowered panties.
Asked about the hospital bag, the old fellow said he wanted to return to the mental ward, after he got this robbery business cleared up first.
Arrested for attending a Labor Day rally, he had spent eleven days in the "dog house," the mental ward of the county jail.
The shock throws Janine into the mental ward for a time-until she pulls herself together and goes to court to win her daughter back.
Nurses have found the Eighties idol "crying like baby" on the floor of his private room on a mental ward, according to desperately worried pals.
Lisa had been shut up for eight days in the mental ward at New York's Lennox Hospital.
She goes home, swallows a bunch of pills and winds up on a mental ward.