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Though doctors have a long list of conditions that can cause a headache but for a common person headache is caused by anxiety (41%) and mental weakness (33%).
But what if the king was ineffectual, prevented by mental weakness from keeping a firm hand on the tiller?
There are suggestions of mental weakness on the part of the players and manager Garry Sheppard looks set to take the hard line.
If you coach with a closed mind, a negative mindset, or from an area of mental weakness, you will most likely fail.
Great prostration with mental weakness and burning pains characterise this remedy.
In another parallel between these two characters, we discover that Julia has a mental weakness (she faints every time she hears the word "sex").
For many patients and mental health professionals, hypnosis brings to mind mental weakness, mind control, sleep, or loss of consciousness.
But with religion as an organism organizing human behavior we are not dealing with mental weakness, but rather "the healthy functioning of the biologically and culturally well-adapted human mind.
The law in most states allows for the appointment of a conservator, rather than a guardian, in cases where a person would be not be considered legally incompetent," but, rather, unable to care for his or her property due to "advanced age, mental weakness or physical incapacity.
Many people age 60 or older grew up in an era in which depression was considered a sign of mental weakness.
But if Meath hit hard and play with pace from the start they can expose the mental weakness I believe still exists in Kildare.
MENTAL WEAKNESS It is perhaps a telling statement when the captain comes out with the phrase: "We've been mentally weak at times".