mentally unbalanced

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Or could it be that a presumably mentally unbalanced person used whatever means he had to try to kill people?
On the other hand, come the final showdown, there is no doubt who is rational and who is mentally unbalanced.
He was mentally unbalanced and, in a jealous rage, shot her at point blank range before turning the gun on himself.
Claims that he was mentally unbalanced were rejected and no order was made concerning compulsory psychiatric treatment.
At her trial, it was claimed she was mentally unbalanced and suffering from diminished responsibility as a result of years of sexual abuse at the hands of husband Ian, 37, when she shot him as he slept at their home in Furnace, Argyll, in 1999.
Castorino told a police dispatcher that she thought Nieves sounded mentally unbalanced, but Nieves denied being depressed, suicidal or on medication.
The titular doctor is a small-town general practitioner working back when medics were dominated by house calls to mentally unbalanced townsfolk.
The 55-year-old suspect has fought bitterly with his defence team over their efforts to portray him as mentally unbalanced, a strategy designed to spare him from the death penalty if he is found guilty of the Unabomber attacks.
By 1939, mass "euthanasia" was being practised on the disabled, the mentally unbalanced, and anyone the Nazi's felt would dilute the nation's genetic stock - thanks to Mengele.
The delight of most residents of his picturesque Irish hamlet, Francie seems to have compensated for living with a mean-drunk father (``Crying Game's'' Stephen Rea) and mentally unbalanced mother (Aisling O'Sullivan) by becoming an entertaining friend to all.
Toss in a mentally unbalanced devil worshipper, a kitchen knife and parents (never shown) who are either absent or abusive, and disaster seems inescapable.
A letter written eight years ago to a colleague appeared to suggest Moonie thought soldiers were mentally unbalanced, comments which were described as an "appalling slur".