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In continuation, Badirwang mentioned that their new mentorship programme is aligned to Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 4) that seeks to promote a lifelong learning for all.
Mentorship can have a specific goal such as skill acquisition.
Now as alumni, the startups will have continued access to mentorship and go-to-market opportunities with NetApp, as well as eco-system connects.
Mentorship During Transitions: Mentee 1 Perspective
Concepcion said the program would start with 'mentoring the mentors,' citing the case of the Philippines, which launched its own mentorship program last year.
According to a survey of past CRT mentees conducted recently by Cal State San Marcos graduate students, no one reported dissatisfaction over their experience with the mentorship process and over half claimed to be "very satisfied.
As educators, we have to make mentorship more intenrional.
The mentor and mentee will meet at the beginning of their mentorship at the annual ALTA conference, and continue their work during the rest of the mentorship year, either in person, over Skype, or by phone as appropriate.
Come join the conversation on Navy Reserve CareerCompass (the NRMN mentorship portal) and start your mentor searches.
With that being said, there was no clinical mentorship at the unit level outside of my preceptor.
Paige Gillman of Stuart, co-chair of the committee, added that mentorship is the best way to learn and truly grow in the legal profession.