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The method distinguishes sugars according to the two metabolic pathways plants use to make sugars.
The hypothesis is that the changes in the metabolic pathways happen first, and once they occur, if any kind of mutation happens that causes a cancerous polyp, you are going to feed it through this excess insulin," he said.
Philippe MarliE re, co-founder and president of Global Bioenergies Scientific Advisory Board said: Designing such an artificial metabolic pathway and experimentally identifying an enzyme candidate for each of the segments represented one of the main scientific and technological challenges in industrial biology.
We want to take advantage of a plant's metabolic pathways to make biofuel directly.
Our results show that this gene variant is associated with development of COPD in Caucasian men, and provides support for the notion that vitamin D metabolic pathways may affect COPD risk," said Audrey Poon, postdoctoral fellow at Meakins-Christie Laboratories, McGill University Health Centre in Montreal.
Knowledge of the metabolic pathways used by anaerobic bacteria to break down hydrocarbons has allowed us to identify unique intermediate compounds that can be used as biomarkers for in situ activity.
The medical relevance of this new-found metabolic pathway remains unclear.