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53 Table 4: Cross-correlation of genes enriched in metabolic pathways with canonical variate.
If any approach on paper can help clarify metabolic pathways, this is the best I have seen.
0 contains data on metabolic pathways from the well known KEGG* suite of databases which has been optimized by LION for use in the pathSCOUT system.
The antagonistic hormones insulin and glucagon have been clearly shown to do this for us by pushing the metabolic pathways from glucose and towards fat production (insulin) or away from fat and towards glucose production (glucagon).
Each plant has its own unique pattern of deuterium distribution due to geographical factors and its metabolic pathways.
It has become clear that cancer cells engage metabolic pathways to support growth and treatment resistance.
M2 PHARMA-November 11, 2014-SRI International updates BioCyc database collection to offer easy access to information about microbes, metabolic pathways
This allows researchers to get complete information on a given substance in one place rather than searching through multiple chapters, and to compare different substances in the same therapeutic group with respect to their metabolic pathways.
We began to examine how the worm-equivalent of APP modulated different metabolic pathways and found that the APP equivalent inhibited the insulin pathway," she noted.
The company said that this collaboration will employ KineMed's Dynamic Proteomics technology platform to map the impact of potential drug candidates on specific metabolic pathways.
Their results identify specific in vivo perturbation experiments that could confirm this deep parallelism in human metabolic pathways.