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Multiple metal coatings, or metal coating and uncoated wood, can be combined in a piece by simply masking sections off, making it possible to produce work like panel doors.
The new tests confirm that at the infrared wavelengths at which nigh-powered lasers would operate, silver consistently reflects light better than the other metal coatings, but a layered hafnia-silica glass coating performs even better than the metals.
Under Dombek's leadership the company grew to become the largest metal coating supplier in the U.
With the range of coatings DACROMET and GEOMET, as well as the topcoats PLUS, widely used in the automobile industry, NM' Metal Coatings provides a long-term solution for the wind energy sector and a response to its specific technical requirements.
In making the announcement, Johnie Schulte, president and CEO of NCI, stated "Our investment in Midwest Metal Coatings will enhance our ability to improve scheduling of our manufacturing process, reduce transportation costs and provide a higher level of service to our customers.
McGean Specialty Chemicals Group, Metal Coatings International, Inc.
Large R&D resources in NOF Metal Coatings Europe, winner of European Responsible Care Award 2010, have been allocated in the recent years to the development of the range of Geomet applications.
We believe the acquisition fits well with Guardsman's strategy of obtaining new technology and market share which will augment our current metal coatings business," said Charles E.
The brochure also features Duranar VARI-COOL coatings, the first metal coatings to combine ULTRA-Cool coatings technology with special-effect pigments that change color depending on how light refracts off their surface and the angle from which they are viewed, the company said.
Guardsman's widespread acceptance in the liquid metal coatings area, combined with Protech's expertise and technology in the manufacturing of powder coatings are the motivating factors for the development of this alliance.
SICO also markets metal coatings, mainly for the transportation material industry, the heavy equipment and the specialized equipment industry in North America.
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