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AZZ Metal Coatings said this strategic acquisition supports AZZ's goal of continued geographic expansion as well as portfolio expansion of its metal coating services.
gt;> How common are water-based solutions on the metal coatings market?
The site also hosts profiles and data sheets for nearly two dozen metal coatings, including premium DURANAR and CORAFLON coatings, as well as hard-working, value-focused products such ACRYNAR, DURACRON, DURAFORM, DURASTAR ULTRA-COOL, ENVIROCRON, ENVIRON, MACROFLEX, PLASTICRON and POLYCRON coatings.
As the metal coating industry has been very much focused on increasing productivity in the last five years and significant cost savings can be made by applying coatings in-factory instead of on-site, the demand for pre-coated metal parts, whether for new construction projects like buildings and bridges, earthmoving vehicles or temporary pipe coatings for the oil and gas industry, has been increasing steadily, the spokesman points out.
Validated metal coatings and finishing of instruments, devices, and implants for the orthopedic, spinal, trauma, dental, and optical markets.
And while balusters remain the core of the company's business, the metal coatings can be used with good effect on architectural elements, accent pieces bath fixtures, and even cabinet doors.
provides metal coatings services, welding solutions, specialty electrical equipment and engineered services to the markets of power generation, transmission, distribution and industrial in protecting metal and electrical systems used to build and enhance the world's infrastructure.
This year, AkzoNobel's Metal Coatings team has worked on several new colors and effects to respond to market demand for new innovative products for coated steel and aluminum.
Technavio, a company that develops over 2000 pieces of research every year and covers more than 500 technologies across 80 countries, has announced the top five vendors for the global metal coatings market in their latest research report.
The new plant will support several performance coatings businesses, including metal coatings, protective coatings, specialty coatings, and marine coatings, as well certain products from the company's decorative paints business.
In the infrared range, metal coatings show the opposite behavior, becoming better reflectors at lower temperatures.
Weinstein was instrumental in Sequa's development into a world leader in the aerospace aftermarket, metal coatings and other diversified holdings through internal technological development and the successful completion of a number of major acquisitions.