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bioTheranostics is the leading solution provider for metastatic cancer management, leveraging its unique expertise in expression profiling to develop a growing array of molecular diagnostic tests for cancer patients.
a provider of solutions for metastatic cancer through the development of innovative oncology diagnostic tests, today announced that Mary Jo Mullen, chief commercial officer, and Isaac J.
Recent research compiled by the American Massage Therapy Association(AMTA) suggests that massage can be a helpful pain management strategy for manually controlling symptoms in people suffering metastatic cancer and rheumatoid arthritis, among other illnesses, as well as post-cardiac surgery pain.
The team say that all 50 women later underwent surgery to remove their cancers and axillary lymph nodes, and tissue biopsies of the lymph nodes revealed that 20 of them had metastatic cancer and 30 of them had cancer that remained localized at the time of surgery.
Richard Ding, CEO of bioTheranostics, said the expanded PRECIS Precision Medicine biomarker profiles reflect the company's commitment to providing the best care for metastatic cancer patients--from diagnosis of primary tumor site with the CancerTYPE ID([R]) molecular classifier through predictive biomarker testing with PRECIS.
The Vero technology is part of the UF Metastatic Cancer Program recently established to treat patients on the UF&Shands Jacksonville and Gainesville campuses.
Now we can try to come up with drugs to target this protein and stop metastatic cancer cells from taking hold in the brain," The BBC quoted Carbonell, as saying.
Our discoveries are based on direct microscopic visualization of living, functioning tumors in vivo, which enabled us to specifically isolate and thus characterize the behavior, mechanics and genetics of these highly metastatic cancer cells.
Blocking this cascade of events in mice hobbled the cells' migration and prevented the metastatic cancer that developed in control animals.
developer of innovative oncology diagnostic tests and solution provider for metastatic cancer, today announced findings from two studies showing high diagnostic accuracy for CancerTYPE ID([R]) in determining the primary tumor site in high-grade, metastatic tumors.
Lead researcher Michael Karin, UC San Diego Distinguished Professor of Pharmacology and Pathology, said that his team used a straightforward biochemical approach to identify proteins produced by metastatic cancer cells, which are responsible for generation of an inflammatory microenvironment that supports the growth of metastases.