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Once dry, wipe over with a cloth dampened in methylated spirits.
Satish is believed to have knocked over the bottle of methylated spirits as he rose from the bed, sparking the major blaze.
25 different medicinal products- methylated spirits hibitanem
If cleaning doesn't remove the marks, sand them off with very fine sandpaper, clean with a cloth dampened with methylated spirits and then apply wood oil suitable for worktops.
Clean secateurs with methylated spirits between pruning and do not leave debris lying around.
Brush and vacuum up the sanding dust, then remove any dirt and grease with methylated spirits or cellulose thinners, using a lint-free cloth.
Once it was methylated spirits, since it has been Lambrini, Buckfast, whatever.
His speciality was the invention of a purple mixture for the banishment of worms from the intestines and unlike the pill and liniment men, his stall was crowded with huge jars full of methylated spirits in which you could see writhing masses of yellowing worms.
Here too was kept the deep purple methylated spirits used to prime the Tilly lamp and the paraffin that it ran on.
Barnardo's Silver Spoon Campaign hit the headlines last week for using shocking images of newborn babies with methylated spirits, syringes or cockroaches in their mouths to highlight the plight of one in three children in the UK growing up in poverty.
The advice includes: Ensure the barbecue is away from sheds, fences, hedges, and tents; and take care when igniting the charcoal - never use petrol, lighter fuel, kerosene, or methylated spirits.