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Non-metro population has grown more slowly than metro population since the mid-1990s, and the gap has widened considerably in recent years.
This will bring TDECU up to 30 branches in 2012 and because of branch locations, our FOM will cover all of Houston, with a metro population over three million.
Touring the clinic, which occupies two humble, low-rise buildings in a non-descript neighborhood in that town of about 14,000 people (though with a broadly defined metro population of nearly 10 times that size), was a real experience.
Charlotte, with a metro population of 900,000, is among the few cities of its size to avoid a devastating housing bubble.
12+ year old profitable and growing, professional engineering & consulting company located in a rapidly growing metropolitan center in the Southeast, with a metro population of over 3 million.
With a city population of just under 190,000 and a metro population of about 350,000, Reno describes itself as "the biggest little city in the world.
Net migration to the greater Tampa area remains healthy, and a large number of these people are retirees--about 25 percent of the Tampa metro population is aged 65 or older.
Two hundred and fifty-thousand visitors swell the metro population of 2.
8 percent growth in the metro population, and, individually, over half of all nonmetro counties lost population during the 1980s (Ghelfi & Parker, In press).
The patient monitoring market in India primarily finds its place among the urban and metro population of the country.

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