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Gracing the event were Song Yeong-gil, Incheon Mayor, Lee Yeon-taek, Chairman of the 2014 Incheon Asian Games Organizing Committee, Kim Ki-sin, Chairman of the Incheon Metropolitan City Council, and sports-related persons.
120 companies which come from 7 countries participate in 'Green Car Korea 2012' and 90 foreign buyers are visited for 1:1 export business consulting by Gwangju Metropolitan City and KOTRA.
Construction Headquarters is a civil engineering business organization in charge of the construction of roads, bridge, park, sewer systems and any large scale engineering works ordered by the Busan Metropolitan city government.
Contract notice: Concession of the treasury department of metropolitan city of turin.
WCG), organizer of the premier international video game competition and festival, announced today Busan Metropolitan City, South Korea as the WCG 2011 Grand Final host city.
The Hertzlers' 11-day itinerary, which begins in Miami, is filled with sites to be explored: Cuzco, a metropolitan city filled with colonial Spanish architecture and Inca ruins on its outskirts; Machu Picchu, the grand temple the Incas dedicated to the sun, their god, and filled with gold; and Lima, Peru's capital, inhabited by 7 million people.
a leading data services provider, has selected the Trident7 Optical Access Platform for a new FTTP network serving the Dhaka Metropolitan City area.
The LiAZ Metropolitan City Bus, displayed at MIMS in Moscow, is powered by a CWI C Gas Plus natural gas engine.
This strong economic metropolitan city is a thriving market in the Real Estate industry.
CBI is also pleased to announce re-award of a paternity analysis contract for its FIL division from a major metropolitan city authority.
Contract notice: Concession management of the treasury of the metropolitan city of florence - igc 6348153593.

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