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Jaroslav the Wise, son and successor of Volodymyr, provided for the election of the first indigenous metropolitan, Hilarion, in 1050, establishing by this act the autonomy of the Ruthenian or Ukrainian Church in the Kievan metropolitanate from the political and ecclesiastical jurisdiction of Byzantium.
This norm, which re-emerges in several forms in canonical tradition, applies to all the relations between the bishops of a region, whether those of a province, a metropolitanate, or a patriarchate.
In the Life, Petr and Gerontii--rival candidates for the Metropolitanate of Kiev and All Rus--travel to Constantinople to be consecrated by the Patriarch, but due to God's favor, favorable winds and weather speed along Petr, while inclement weather holds back Gerontii, the candidate of Olgerd (Algirdas), the (pagan) Grand Duke of Lithuania.

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