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The preservation of calcareous microfossils in the Oligocene interval of Whycocomagh is moderately good, with most foraminiferal specimens stained buff, and many showing some degree of abrasion or breakage, suggesting a certain amount of transport and redeposition.
Calcareous microfossils Dora the Upper Mississippian (Chesterian) Maxville Limestone.
As the expedition team searches for another favorable site from which to core, scientists on board the Vidar Viking have examined microfossils in the retrieved core.
1996: Scientists announced that a meteorite from Mars had been found in Antarctica, containing microfossils of bacteria.
Algal microfossils provide high temporal resolution of environmental trends.
Chrysophyceae microfossils as indicators of lake-water pH.
The book includes various images - about 30 of which are colour - which show fossils and their living counterparts, microfossils and their modern counterparts, and areas where the earliest evidence of life and environments have been discovered.
This large flat crater makes a promising target for a search for microfossils on Mars.
Oncoids contain peloids but no skeletal microfossils.
The blobs, say excited scientists, are microfossils left by ancient bugs.