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The microkernel contains just 10,000 lines of program code in contrast to standard commercially available smartphones, which use millions of lines of code.
My objection to the first reason is that microkernel work in the universities started in the 1980s (amoeba and mach, see www.
HCC middleware products are supplied with the o-velOSity microkernel in fully integrated form and include sample projects running on standard development boards.
By constructing a general kernel model drawn from elements common to all typical architectures, the Linux kernel gets many of the portability benefits that otherwise require an abstraction layer, without paying the performance penalty paid by microkernels.
LONDON -- The Symbian Foundation today announced a significant milestone in its plan to move the entire Symbian platform into open source: the release of the platform microkernel (EKA2) and supporting development kit under the Eclipse Public License (EPL).
This approach has been variously called the microkernel or nanokernel approach.
Focusing on the specific requirements of mobile phones, using proven high-performance microkernel technology, and building on an open source code base uniquely position OKL4 as the optimal software architecture for next generation mobile devices.
The microkernel story is full of good ideas and blind alleys.
Backed by the largest independent team of microkernel developers, OK Labs delivers OKL4, an advanced microkernel solution, which offers the highest performance combined with strong protection and security features.
0 Open Source Microkernel Helps Minimize Threats to Mobile Devices from Buggy Drivers and Malicious Applications
Our royalty-free INTEGRITY([R]) and velOSity[TM] real-time operating systems, o-velOSity[TM] microkernel, compilers, MULTI([R]) and AdaMULTI[TM] integrated development environments and TimeMachine[TM] tool suite offer a complete development solution that addresses both deeply embedded and high-reliability applications.
ObjectAda's significantly enhanced compiler and debug technology works with PikeOS, SYSGO's real-time separation microkernel technology for safety-critical systems, to separate costly DO-178B Level A certifiable code from other portions of the application.