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The L4 microkernel system was jointly developed by Dresden Technical University, Dresden start-up Kernkonzept, Telekom Innovation Laboratories and Berlin start-up Trust2Core.
By leveraging the QNX Neutrino microkernel as a key building block of Cisco IOS XR Software, Cisco is delivering a next-generation routing system that raises the bar in terms of reliability and service flexibility.
Christopher Smith, vice president of marketing at Green Hills Software, commented: "The combination of Green Hills Software's o-velOSity microkernel with HCC-Embedded's middleware will provide a comprehensive software resource.
As the 'heart' of the platform, Symbian's real-time microkernel - comprising robust, fully multi-tasking architecture - manages all system resources and frameworks necessary for the co-existence of the processes and applications that make up the complete system.
This includes source code to the Mach microkernel and the required Macintosh platform driver support.
Backed by the largest, independent team of microkernel developers, OK Labs delivers OKL4, an advanced microkernel solution, which offers the highest performance combined with strong protection and security features.
The combination of ObjectAda Real-Time RAVEN and the PikeOS microkernel provides the solution many of our customers have requested.
Chorus' microkernel technology provides a single operating system base that supports a wide range of memory architectures.
As the leading chip manufacturer for embedded systems, Motorola's experience will permit us to optimize and tailor our CHORUS open microkernel to provide embedded systems manufacturers with the best ready-to-use, combined hardware and software solutions possible," said Hubert Zimmermann, Chairman and CEO of Chorus Systems.
It will do this by enhancing the already available CHORUS/MiX(TM) (the de facto microkernel architecture standard), and other advanced technologies.
INTEGRITY's microkernel design, virtual device drivers, and partitioning architecture enable designers to build truly reliable space-based systems wherein any part of the software, including application programs, RTOS middleware, and even the kernel and interrupt service routines, can be patched, replaced, or upgraded.