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Microsegmentation in Telecom Market: Data Mining Approach, Chapter 93 in DAAAM International Scientific Book 2009, pp.
0 runs like a cat scan, performing microsegmentation and analyzing our clients' Internet marketing initiatives with high granularity," said WebMetro CEO Carlos Ugalde.
Bringing the agility and automation of the cloud to security policy, Catbird enables virtual network discovery, microsegmentation of workloads, continuous monitoring, and policy enforcement while providing proof of continuous compliance.
For MIDs, microsegmentation forecasts are provided, as are forecasts for the inclusion of cellular voice in MIDs.
With consumer behavior now being tracked and recorded in the cloud-and as Big Data enables microsegmentation of consumer markets in real time-companies will increasingly personalize their marketing communications.
As the optimal front-end hub for an Ethernet switch or router, the Switch Companion Hub is designed for port switching and microsegmentation applications.