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Instead of requiring the individual printers to be entered in the command line or script-guided as before, a convenient snap-in allows you to perform the configuration directly in the Microsoft Management Console.
LANguard administration and configuration is integrated with the ISA Server 2000 configuration through Microsoft Management Console (MMC).
Quest offers a wide range of products to help organizations ensure optimal management of Active Directory, and we have now tied these best-of-breed products together in a single interface, based on the familiar Microsoft Management Console (MMC).
Centrify has built a rich ecosystem of management tools around DirectControl, including native Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-ins and an Administrator Console for Windows-based IT staff, and command-line interfaces (CLIs) and an industry-leading set of DirectControl-enabled remote access tools, such as OpenSSH, for UNIX administrators.
0 for Windows Server Enterprise Edition enables corporations to effectively protect their information infrastructure, including remote and local administration functionality via the Microsoft Management Console (MMC), operation on a cluster of servers, full-scale customisation of administrator privileges, customised settings for specific areas and configuration templates.
Similar in concept to the Microsoft Management Console that ships with Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 servers, xMC presents a simplified, centralized approach to remotely administering users and services, unlike any other on the Linux server market today.

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