Inns of Court

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Inns of Court

Organizations that provide preparatory education for English Law students in order to teach them to practice in court.

Inns of Court were founded in the beginning of the fourteenth century. Membership in an inn is tantamount to membership in an integrated bar association in the United States. Inns of Court have a common council of Legal Education, which gives lectures and holds examinations. Currently, inns have the exclusive authority to confer the degree of barrister-atlaw, a prerequisite to practice as an advocate or counsel in the superior courts in England.

Inns of Court


INNS OF COURT, Engl. law. The name given to the colleges of the English professors and students of the common law. 2. The four principal Inns of Court are the Inner Temple and Middle Temple, (formerly belonging to the Knights Templars) Lincoln's Inn, and Gray's Inn, (ancient belonging to the earls of Lincoln and ray.) The other inns are the two Sergeants' Inns. The Inns of Chancery were probably so called because they were once inhabited by such clerks, as chiefly studied the forming of writs, which regularly belonged to the cursitors, who are officers of chancery. These are Thavie's Inn, the New Inn, Symond's Inn, Clement's Inn, Clifford's Inn,' Staple's Inn, Lion's Inn, Furnival's Inn and Barnard's Inn. Before being called to the bar, it is necessary to be admitted to one of the Inns of Court.

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The Middle Temple played a role in the education of many lawyers in the American colonies.
Tours following the seminar will be of London's historic lawyer's quarters as well as courts including the Old Bailey, the Royal Courts of Justice, and the new United Kingdom Supreme Court, along with the church at the Middle Temple that played a large role in The DaVinci Code.
The next day, February 15, witnessed the performance of a joint masque by Middle Temple and Lincoln's Inn; five days later, on February 20, occurred a joint masque by Inner Temple and Gray's Inn.
Lang at the time of writing Raymond was in England studying at Cambridge and at The Middle Temple in London to become a barrister.
Meanwhile, Connor Cruise O'Brien's biography, The Great Melody (London: Sinclair Stevenson, 1992), has proposed Burke's Munster childhood, and his experience of early eighteenth-century Ireland, as the central formative influence on a political and literary career which saw relatively little direct engagement with Irish affairs after he left for study at the Middle Temple in London in 1750.
The final great institution with which Arnold had a decades-long connection was the Middle Temple, one of the Inns of Court, that medieval foundation for the education of lawyers.
There are 21 barristers practising on the North Eastern circuit and 11 practising principally on the South Eastern circuit occupying PB's Middle Temple premises, in London.
While his older brother Daniel went to England for his education--from Eton to Cambridge to Middle Temple for training in the law, Walter was sent to Philadelphia as an apprentice to a merchant house.
Educated at Liverpool College, Sir Brian read Law at Merton College, Oxford and was called to the Bar in 1970 by the Middle Temple.
Though young Charles never changed his view of the "dryness" of legal study, he obediently complied with his father's wishes and finished his studies of the Common Law at Middle Temple in London.
With a prize draw, tombola and magicians, the MIDDLE TEMPLE SUMMER PARTY has something for all the family.
BOLD KING can put one over his more experienced rivals in the Queen Elizabeth Queen Mother's Middle Temple Centennial Handicap Chase (2.

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