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para]]"This outstanding flag is perhaps the most historic WWII item I've ever offered, and I'm proud to include it as part of our inaugural online auction in June," says Bruce Hermann, owner of Grenadier Military Antiques Auctions.
LIVERPOOL'S last military antique shop will close its doors after more than 36 years of service.
You can get a very nice replica holster for it from International Military Antiques, www.
He said: "I have been collecting military antiques for years.
MILITARY antiques valued at more than pounds 25,000 have been stolen from a dealer's outbuilding.
Because Snider carbines and muskets have suddenly hit the surplus market, thanks to the detective work of International Military Antiques, which is bringing us the treasures found in the Lagan Silekhana Palace in Kathmandu, Nepal.

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