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He was summarily suspended from performing his duties, impeded in pursuing his career, banned from wearing his uniform, badges, and military insignia, and forced to forever remain subject to disciplinary action of the Army.
The firm even painted Indian military insignia on the wings and showed simulated film of it landing on an Indian carrier.
Military insignia have long been used to distinguish units and leaders.
The only things we should be wearing on our sleeves are our military insignia.
The subject of heraldry conjures vibrant images of colorful family crests, lavish medals, military insignia, and political correctness.
With "Complete Guide To United States Marine Corps Medals, Badges And Insignia World War II To Present", military medal expert James Thompson has created a comprehensive and methodically presented encyclopedic reference to all of the Marine Corps decorations, medals, ribbons, badges, and military insignia commissioned and awarded during the Second World War.
On "Rome" Giampaoli forged helmets, buckles, belts and military insignia.
Combatants who fail to obey those laws -- by not wearing distinctive military insignia or targeting civilians -- are not entitled to its privileges.
Commenting on comparisons of the lightning flash in the new insignia to that worn by Hitler's SS, an MoD spokesman said, 'Lightning flashes have been used in military insignia for 300 years.
The company, founded in London in 1677 and one of the world's most famous makers of military insignia and decorations, ran short of cash when a prestigious Ministry of Defence contract took longer than expected to finalise.
In painting unidentified veterans in suits and ties, without military insignia, the spotlight is on the humanness of each subject and not the causes of war.
An accompanying photo showed him dressed to impress, his uniform crisply ironed and adorned with medals and other military insignia.

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