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Michael Rowe provides a useful introduction emphasizing the centrality of war and military mobilization as the defining experience of Napoleonic Europe.
The consolidation and strengthening of the party, state, and people nexus goes through military mobilization.
Military mobilization toward the Persian Gulf was in full swing; the invasion would start in March.
A section of the Web site offers specific information on how to plan for emergencies, align action plans with the Nation's Homeland Security Advisory System, and improve military mobilization, because roads are critical for response and recovery strategies.
During World War II, Rustin was among the crop of conscientious objectors who voluntarily went to prison rather than cooperate with military mobilization.
It was Britain's largest military mobilization since the Falklands War.
Reserves by definition should have as a priority the task of being the base for national military mobilization.
military mobilization for a possible strike against Afghanistan.
led military mobilization during the Second Gulf crisis a clear demonstration of a super-power who was manipulating the noble cause of human rights in order to conceal its hegemonic designs for the Arab World.
economic and military mobilization in World War II entitled Mobilizing America: Robert P.
On Monday, Houthi leader Abdulmalik al-Houthi called for a mass military mobilization to restore security in the south, accusing Hadi and the Gulf countries of destabilizing the country.
For rendering commercial sealift and intermodal shipping services and systems necessary to meet military mobilization tools, VISA program forms joint venture between U.

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