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International Paper told Lane County it would no longer accept plastic recycables other than milk jugs, Dan Hurley, the county's waste manager, said Friday.
If you used milk jugs, you can cut the top of the jugs off and use them as cloches.
From iSaveAtoZ blog: Rinse several gallon-size plastic milk jugs.
Every case of Envirosheets uses 8 - 19 (depending on sheet size) recycled milk jugs that might otherwise have ended up in our landfills.
Michigan-based Polly Products' universal access picnic tables allow wheel-chairs to gather around them; each table is made from approximately 4,000 used milk jugs.
Dairy Crest has also redeveloped its Jugit milk jugs for the retailer to coincide with the rollout.
Warburtons supplied a kit containing everything from toasters and teapots to mugs and milk jugs for the event.
This mobile planter--ideal for decks and balconies--is made from recycled plastic milk jugs.
Also licensed by Axion is a glass-fillied PP/HDPE blend of recycled car bumpers and milk jugs.
I suggest you cut the milk jugs in half and decide how you'd like to hang them prior to beginning the lesson.
Made from milk jugs, they are extremely durable and come with a lifetime guarantee--they won't rot, crack, fade, or split.