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Sophie was admitted to hospital on November 7 and had the operation to remove her milk teeth two days later.
Archaeologists at the site of the Roman coffin discovery in North |Warwickshire and (below) two bangles and some milk teeth found in the coffin
d Callum and wife Heather hope milk teeth cells will eventually He stem be used to treat conditions such as diabetes, spinal cord injuries, stroke and liver problems.
CALLING all youngsters - the Bluecoat is asking for you to donate your milk teeth to create a new artwork.
His abrasive, direct approach caused friction; his tenure of the post at a council that never grew out of milk teeth lasted four months.
Parents are now being urged to store their child's milk teeth in a dental stem cell bank.
The Daresbury Science & Innovation Park-based firm harvests stem cells from baby milk teeth that can be used later to tackle possible disorders such as Parkinsons and Alzheimer's that run in donors' families by growing new nerve tissue from the cells.
The buffalo milk competition winner would be awarded Rs 200,000 cash prize, buffalo beauty (in milk) and buffalo beauty (dry) Rs 50,000 each, buffalo heifer milk teeth (dondi) and buffalo heifer 24 teeth (Kheri) Rs 50,000 each, buffalo breeding bull Rs 100,000 and buffalo bulls milk teeth Rs 30,000, he maintained.
Aquafresh has a range of toothpastes: Milk Teeth, right, for ages 0-3 years, Little Teeth, left, for 4-6 years and Big Teeth for children aged 6+.
Dentists have told Media Wales it is "not unusual" to have to fill three-year-old's milk teeth and that some children in the Valleys do not recognise the taste of toothpaste or know how to use a toothbrush.
To date, police have recovered a total of 65 milk teeth from the cellars at Haut de la Garenne and experts believe they could only have come out after death because of their condition.