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As the author writes, MindReader searches in the authoring memory for equivalent matches, suggesting phrases and whole paragraphs that can be inserted into the text.
172) The rule "places the weight of inertia upon the party that can best induce Congress to speak more clearly" (173) and prevents courts from having to "play the part of a mindreader.
The program called MindReader, developed el Kaliouby and her colleagues, can interpret expressions on the basis of a few seconds of video.
That the league has to play mindreader in administering justice is not.
The mindreader imagines himself in the position of the observed target, simulating the target's mental states and predicting that target's future decisions and actions.
Abstract: The objective of this paper is to point out the development of the modern method of the mindreader security system.
Mark's paranoia turns him into an overreading hypothetical focalizer and a mindreader with metarepresentational problems, but this is only one side of his focalizing problem.
This form of projection is prospective: the mindreader uses simulation to move forward from information about the target's situation--his physical environment and whatever is known about his psychological characteristics--to the target's mental state.
The Mindreader discards all scientific and usability study data as inapplicable to her customers.
WE were flooded with text messages after we asked you last week to stare into the eyes of TV mindreader Derren Brown and detect one of his middle names.
Wade Silverman is president of the Dade County Psychological Association and editor of the journal Psychotherapy for the American Psychological Association, and the MindReader newsletter, archived at www.
To further complicate matters, sometimes your mate won't speak at all, expecting you to be somewhat of a mindreader.