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As the author writes, MindReader searches in the authoring memory for equivalent matches, suggesting phrases and whole paragraphs that can be inserted into the text.
Key words: mindreader system, suspected person, mobile unit, security, physiological expressions
The full Mindreader World Cup 2010 Report, complete with all relevant market data, can be downloaded here.
68) The former moment is particularly important, because the goal of projection is not to determine the mental state the mindreader would have had in the target's situation, but to determine what mental state the mindreader would have had in the target's situation if he were the target.
The Colombian-born former antiques dealer is a close friend of a Los Angeles magician and mindreader, Frances Willard, who grew up in San Antonio and won the Miss San Antonio pageant in 1959.
WE were flooded with text messages after we asked you last week to stare into the eyes of TV mindreader Derren Brown and detect one of his middle names.
Wade Silverman is president of the Dade County Psychological Association and editor of the journal Psychotherapy for the American Psychological Association, and the MindReader newsletter, archived at www.
I'm no mindreader but I predict Uri will soon be visited by a tall, dark stranger - from the HMRC.
As we've noted before, Adele is part human X-ray machine, part mindreader, so watch this space.
The entity Humphrey playfully terms homo psychologicus--a mindreader well equipped to draw plausible inferences about the thoughts and intentions of friends and foes alike--and the introspective, reflexively self-conscious human mind were thus born at a stroke, brought into being by one and the same cognitive mechanism.
Instead of keeping his talent for his own amusement Meade is all about entertaining and empowering others to find the mindreader in all of us.
According to the latest MindReader survey from the world largest media agency network Mindshare, the state of the economy has now become the number one national concern among Britons replacing terrorism as the threat that causes most worry about on a daily basis.