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SOIL. The superficies of the earth on which buildings are erected, or may be erected.
     2. The soil is the principal, and the building, when erected, is the accessory. Vide Dig. 6, 1, 49.

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Moose cleared away duff and litter to expose mineral soil under a closed canopy.
Spinning, digging and slipping may mix mineral soil and litter resulting in increasing of displacement, rutting and decreasing of litter mass.
Two depressions in the surface of mineral soil and ridges oriented perpendicular to the general gradient of sloping favoured the formation of two shallow lakes where the infilling started.
For HA from the mineral soil, a rise in the direction of the flow of groundwater leads to a rise in carbohydrate C (65-100 ppm) and C in carbonyl-containing groups, predominantly carboxyl (165-200 ppm).
For chemical analyses, the organic and mineral soil samples were dried at 40[degrees]C.
Conversely, studies of riparian and mineral soil wetlands have compared mineral soils in different types of riparian wetlands or in different locations (Groffman et al.
Also, the mineral soil surface layer is the main volume relevant for the spatial survey of carbon storage, according to the Kyoto Protocol requirements (Smith et al.
The area must be cleared down to mineral soil with a minimum distance of 10 feet around the material being burned.
2009) noted that high-severity fires alter the vegetative cover and characteristics of mineral soil, making it difficult to separate the effects of fire-induced soil water repellency from other changes in soil characteristics and surface cover.
Furthermore, its removal exposes mineral soil, which gives invasive plants the upper hand over native ones.
The main changes in the characteristics of a soil occur more particularly in the upper layers (0-5 cm and 5-10 cm) of mineral soil.