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Keep a minimalistic vibe by skipping the piles of jewelry in favor of a simple belt and flats.
The tasteful gaudiness of Scaasi's designs meant that his own star ascended during the flashier eras of fashion historythe late 1960s, the mid 1980sand dimmed slightly (although never completely) when the country was in a more minimalistic mood.
ny 3 proved to be a sleeper hit in its first two iterations, and this third outing provides yet more puzzle challenges packed with colourful minimalistic style and a soothing musical score that will suck you in and stimulate your brain in a way more akin to hypnosis.
This provides a stable shape while maintaining the minimalistic design.
In response, Animal Aid has launched Cruelty-Free Giving, an easy-to-use and rather minimalistic database of 290 health charities and their standing on animal testing.
Chilean author Alejandro Zambra's writing is uniquely mesmerizing--it's minimalistic yet also panoramic.
Ayanken, a film production company, claims that watching "Zara" is like entering "a world artfully and accurately designed, a world made of wanderings, interrogations over a minimalistic landscape.
I particularly like the modern minimalistic Mediterranean-style architecture and the fact that the owners are trying to recreate an ecological haven here.
All were linked by an overall minimalistic hand, making these looks easier than ever to try at home.
The minimalistic background setting is drawn on wonderful matt paper which gives a 1950s' quality to the illustrations.
Damas is a one-stop shop for beauty connoisseurs seeking luxury wrapped in minimalistic design.
Floating manicures are part of the nail trend this season with the minimalistic look finding much appeal.