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Pink, pale blue and mint green, featured as fresh sorbet colors in spring and summer, have been tweaked for the winter and appear in a range of smoky variations.
And aren't you more likely to compliment someone on mint green snowpants than on black ones?
Wearing a silk tulle Angela Kelly dress embroidered with flowers, a mint green chiffon drape decorated with Swarovski crystals and matching hat, she followed other senior Royals down the aisle, taking her seat next to the Prince of Wales.
Gomez, 19, flaunted her toned figure in a turquoise bikini and blue shorts while riding a mint green scooter, and accessorised her outfit with some psychedelic orange lensed sunglasses, the Daily Mail reported.
From orange to mint green, the colours were hard to miss.
Pomegranate Berry Green Tea is a blend of antioxidant-rich "superfruits" pomegranate, blueberry and acai with green tea; Strawberry Green Tea with lemongrass offers a sweet, juicy flavor with natural botanicals for a light, fresh taste; Soothing Mint Green Tea combines the traditional, refreshing green tea blend with a hint of soothing spearmint; and Classic Lemon Green Tea, initially introduced in 2008, is now available in a 40-count box.
For bright green, or mint green finishes, the Patina Green liquid can be applied directly onto a clean copper, brass or bronze surface using brush, dipping or spray.
The fruit, which goes into Sainsbury's this month, has a thin translucent skin, is mint green in colour, and is smaller than a conventional cucumber.
NIVEA Sun coloured sprays actually spray on mint green and disappear when smoothed in.
Mint green, chic neutrals and shades of blue dominated.
My wagon mates and I woke up to the mint green glow of sunlight filtering through the faded canvas above.
The coyly asymmetrical Double Gemini: Isabelle Miter, 1969-70, for example, pulses because of the way Zox juxtaposes tangerine, orange, blood orange, mint green, bright green, and maroon.