Minute Book

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Minute Book

An account where official proceedings are recorded.

A minute book refers to a book kept by the clerk of a court for recording a summary of all the judicial orders in a proceeding. The records are identified by case numbers.

It also refers to a record of official actions taken at a meeting of a board of directors or of the stockholders of a corporation.

MINUTE BOOK. A book kept by the clerk or prothonotary of a court, in which minutes of its proceedings are entered. It has been decided that minutes are no part of the record. 1 Ohio R. 268.

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The university's own archive at Heritage Quay has material that includes the minute books of the Colne Valley Labour Party, which also agitated to extend the vote.
minute book (purchased from the Hudson's Bay Company), $2.
In Pontyclun and Talygarn, it was recommended that the church ground be used as gardens (Pontyclun and Talygarn Parish, vestry minute book, P205CW/33).
The minute books of the corporation should be updated to contain minutes of all director and shareholder meetings.
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LOVE LETTER: The letter in the temperance society minute book which was written in code
For such a case, see South Dublin Union Board of Guardians Minute Book, Dublin, National Archives of Ireland, BG 79 A 13, 14 May 1860.
See the following for this process at work: the Meherrin Baptist Church Book or the Upper King and Queen Church Book (King and Queen County, VA) Minute Book, 1774-1816.
Another section describes in brief but lucid fashion the administrative structure of town government, and particular note is made of the value of the minute book to this aspect of the history of Dunwich.
According to the Mirror, the Football Association (FA) Minute Book was written in 1863 and has been hailed as one of the most important documents of all time as it helped shape the modern football game.