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The written record of an official proceeding. The notes recounting the transactions occurring at a meeting or official proceeding; a record kept by courts and corporations for future reference.


n. 1) the written record of meetings, particularly of Boards of Directors and/or Shareholders of corporations, kept by the secretary of the corporation or organization. 2) the record of courtroom proceedings, such as the start and recess of hearings and trials, names of attorneys, witnesses, and rulings of the court, kept by the clerk of the court or the judge. Such court minutes are not a transcript of everything that is said, which is taken down by the court reporter if recorded at all.

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10) Minutes of meeting of the Council of the RAHS 29 March 1985 (RAHS Archives reference 1/20/ 17).
Hamada indicated that the discussions dealt with minutes of meetings of the unified GCC taxing system authority, the GCC common market committee and studies of the financial and technical committee regarding the joint GCC railway venture.
E-mails,computer spreadsheets,letters, minutes of meetings, and telephone records are all covered by the notices.
He says an outside auditor should audit boards, such as review minutes of meetings and keep track of board members' activities, and then publish the findings.
They were only referred to in minutes of meetings held with the investigators and not in a performance report.
The central bank periodically releases the minutes of meetings of the nine-member Policy Board, chaired by BOJ Governor Masaru Hayami.
To get at the nitty gritty of competing interests at work, Porter has spent long hours poring over Parliamentary Papers, collections in the Greater London Record Office, minutes of meetings of the Institute of Civil Engineers, and aged issues of the London Illustrated News.
Keep detailed minutes of meetings at which conflicts issues arise.
The SAS gives examples of pertinent evidence an auditor, when evaluating investment activities, should consider, such as written and approved records of investment strategies, records of investment activities, instructions to portfolio managers and minutes of meetings of the board of directors or the investment committee.
The agent is also advised to review minutes of meetings from different departments within the taxpayer's organization (such as those from executive committees and departmental meetings).