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The written record of an official proceeding. The notes recounting the transactions occurring at a meeting or official proceeding; a record kept by courts and corporations for future reference.


n. 1) the written record of meetings, particularly of Boards of Directors and/or Shareholders of corporations, kept by the secretary of the corporation or organization. 2) the record of courtroom proceedings, such as the start and recess of hearings and trials, names of attorneys, witnesses, and rulings of the court, kept by the clerk of the court or the judge. Such court minutes are not a transcript of everything that is said, which is taken down by the court reporter if recorded at all.

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Alexander with Minutes of meeting of the Council of the RAHS 25 November 1988 (RAHS Archives reference 1/21/18).
After learning of the gift, district staff pulled out from a safe the leather-bound record containing handwritten minutes of meetings going back to the 1930s, when the district was called the Red Rock School District, but found no mention of Triggs.
FIRST MINISTER Rhodri Morgan yesterday renewed his commitment to open government, promising to publish the minutes of meetings of top civil servants.
The most important include failure to account for its funds and failure to keep detailed records or minutes of meetings.
Negotiations are always very complex, but the instant availability of printed minutes of meetings and draft agreements greatly eased the negotiation process.
In solid terms, through Njangi, it is possible to safely pay for one's contributions through Paypal, Orange Money and MTN Mobile Money; exchange with the members of the tontine via an instant message service; organise automatic lotteries; vote for the members of the board and have the minutes of the past meetings, take loans from the tontines account, write the minutes of meetings which can also be done through videoconference, etc.
The Governor discussed with members of the Council, the topics on the agenda of the session and the minutes of meetings of local councils for each of the governorates of Al-Taif, Al-Laith, Al-Kherma, Rabigh, Aljamoum, Khulais, and Al-Kamel.
Auditor Troy Dahlberg of Ernst & Young requested 46 documents, including trash contracts and amendments, along with notes and minutes of meetings about the city's hauling franchise, as part of the initial stages of the audit.
PC Talk is a powerful voice compression software and hardware product, designed to address the worldwide business audio market with an array of digital voice functions including the LOG-IT feature, for telephone conversation recording and ready playback, a voice e-mail function, which BCB believes will accelerate the creation of the voice e-mail market due to unique compression features, as well as a live chat function for computer networks such as Intranets and the Internet, and a personal recording function for such uses as minutes of meetings, memoranda creation and dictation.
The minutes of meetings between the leaders and their Stormont advisers will be requested by the legal representatives of Michelle Williamson, whose parents were murdered by the IRA.