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25, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Miracle Flights for Kids, the nation's leading medical flight organization, recently launched a new logo in honor of its 30 yrs.
Hume does not think that miracles have any rational background, and therefore you should not believe in them.
Perceptions of miracles are diverse historically, culturally and by religious tradition.
The third set deals with Jesus' miracles in the Hellenistic Christian milieu, one on the miracle tradition and the divine man, another on Jesus as a miracle worker in the apocrypha and finally the function of miracles in the Greco-Roman world.
The are biblical miracles from antiquity that everyone knows.
Journalist Pawel Zuchniewicz presents Miracles of John Paul II, a bestselling title in Poland and a compendium of miracles that have occurred through the intervention of Pope John Paul II.
Sadly, nearly a decade after Jane's miracle appeared, 2 million children living with HIV/AIDS in the developing world still are waiting for their miracles.
THE PREMISE - young boy trains to run Boston Marathon to wake his cancer-stricken mother from a coma - is pure movie-of-the-week, but Michael McGowan's likable ``Saint Ralph'' sticks, for the most part, to the road less traveled, delivering a droll feel-good movie that has a little something to say about modern-day miracles.
Church scholars will tell you that there have not been enough confirmed miracles to have this man declared a saint.
Award-winning author and illustrator team Rudolfo Anaya and Amy Cordova present The Santero's Miracle: A Bilingual Story, an English/Spanish Christmas tale about the power of miracles.
Current events enter into play in a consideration of these miracles, which also embraces believers, skeptics, religious zealots, and others.
This thick volume presents twenty-five papers from a CNRS colloquium, "Le saints et leurs miracles a travers I'hagiogra-phie chretienne et islamique, [IV.