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MISCASTING. By this term is not understood any pretended miscasting or misvaluing, but simply an error in auditing and numbering. 4 Bouv. Inst. n. 4128.

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The overall presentation of these ballets was so strong that miscastings and misfires didn't much matter.
In a nutshell: The production never overcomes the critical miscasting in the lead.
Frustratingly, they are undermined by Hollywood plot contrivances, generally poor writing and at least one case of woeful miscasting.
and need we possibly have to explain the miscasting here?
The only sour note comes with Reeves' miscasting as the doctor.
And although Meyer has jettisoned the professor's two children and more fervent Jewish faith that complicated Roth's novel, he does have the widower befriend blocked writer Nathan Zuckerman (Gary Sinise, another example of miscasting as the older, semi-stand-in Roth has written for himself in several books).
And veteran British actor Bob Hoskins, who portrays the erstwhile ``Panamanian strongman'' (how I miss seeing that phrase in newspaper stories), represents either an inspired piece of casting or a monumental case of miscasting - it sort of wavers, like the mood, from scene to scene.