Missing ship

MISSING SHIP, mar. law. When a ship or other vessel has been at sea for a much longer time than she ought to have been, she is presumed to have perished there with all on board, and such a vessel is called a missing ship.
     2. There is no precise time fixed as to when the presumption is to arise, and this must depend upon the circumstances of each case. 2 Str. R. 1199; Park. Ins. 63; Marsh. Ins. 488; 2 Johns. R. 150; 1 Caines' R. 525; Holt's N. P. Rep. 242.

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Undeterred and realizing the gravity of his promise and his friend's age, John's search for the missing ship has begun and already inspired help from many.
He worked out roughly when he would return but his ship was delayed looking for a missing ship in what we now know as the Bermuda Triangle - that ship was never found.
John Geiger, the Chief Executive of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society explains why the discovery of Franklin's missing ship is one of the most important archaeological finds in exploration history
Sea Tankers, a shipping firm based in France, issued a statement yesterday identifying the missing ship as the M/T Gascogne.
Downscale, the T-20 from Arcturus completed a search-and-rescue test mission over Admiralty Bay on 10 October 2010, the catapult-launched aircraft autonomously flew a search pattern at an altitude of 2000 feet to simulate the search for a missing ship.
But its whereabouts was shrouded in mystery amid reports that the Russian navy will deploy vessels to help locate the missing ship.
By April 7, there was still no sign of the President, and the friends and relatives of the 121 passengers on the missing ship crowded at Liverpool Docks each day, hoping to see the vessel sail down the Mersey.
The bell is traditionally rung to signal the news of a missing ship
Police believe the missing ship is the same one that was recently discovered on sale for pounds 300,000 at a London antique shop.
If it was the missing ship, it must have been repainted and the ship's original registration identity must have been erased," he said.
Shortly before they reach the Event Horizon, Weir spills the beans: The missing ship was testing a new form of "faster than light" propulsion that, in effect, creates an "artificial black hole.