MITTER, law-French. To put, to send, or to pass; as mitter' l'estate, to pass the estate; mitter le droit, to pass a right. 2 Bl. Com. 324; Bac. Ab. Release, C; Co. Lit. 193, 273, b. Mitter a large, to put or, set at large. Law French Dict. h.t.

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Rana Mitter is the author of "China's War with Japan, 1937-1945: the Struggle for Survival" (Penguin).
This year's judges also included Emma Duncan, editor of Intelligent Life; Sumit Paul-Choudhury, editor of New Scientist; Professor Rana Mitter, director of China Centre at Oxford University; and Tessa Ross, the former Controller of Film and Drama and Head of Film 4.
It was invigorating to share the space with such visionary founders," said Navroop Mitter, CEO of ArmorText, this year's first place winner.
Rana Mitter is director of the China Center at Oxford University and author of "China's War with Japan, 1937-45: The Struggle for Survival" (U.
The first of these changes is the halting but persistent push by China, over the past one hundred years to modernize itself (Hui, 2009; Mitter, 2004).
Amanda Mitter, one of the greenmarket "loyal customers," told KUNA she has been a regular visitor to this market since she moved to the "big city.
In this discourse, work from home is highlighted as a big opportunity for women to join and continue in work while balancing work and life (Ahuja, 2003; Mitter, 2000).
Finally, in the last contribution, Ulrike Mitter applies the isnad-cummatn method to the notorious hadith, "The majority of the dwellers of Hell-fire are women.
The live interaction of tribal students from Dantewada with the prime minister will convey a strong message of goodwill since the region is largely perceived as a conflict zone," Dantewada chief executive officer ( CEO) Saransh Mitter told M AIL T ODAY .
Ambassador Rajeet Mitter, Former Indian High Commissioner to Bangladesh and Leader, BCIM Economic Corridor Joint Study Group highlighted the potential of the proposed BCIM Economic Corridor [BCIM-EC] linking Kolkata in India to Kunming in China through Bangladesh and Myanmar.
The Co Kerry mum of three was crowned the winner in last night's finale, after her colourful tower of rainbow macaroons and show-stopping afternoon tea saw off fellow finalists Ali Mitter and Shane Murray.
As Mitter (2003) writes, "The earliest surviving texts on governance in China pay great attention to the need for rulers to control and formalize language to secure their authority.