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They not only waged wars of conquest in the first place but, after the worst of the fighting was over, helped Spaniards to suppress "a rebellion in the Nextizo Zapotec community of Tiltepec in 1531, a general rebellion that shook the region in 1550, an uprising in Choapan in 1552, and a Mixe rebellion in 1570" (195).
Since its creation, Ojo de Agua has worked with indigenous radio and video practitioners in Mixe and Zapotec communities of Oaxaca.
The acquisition will be funded with an approximate mixe of 75 per cent cash and 25 per cent shares.
Among the property sectors that use its services are: aggregates, food retail, shopping centers, hospitals, waste management, gaming, mixe d-use developers, housing, utilities and heavy industrial.
The curve of tensile forces of the model of mixe failure with elliptic pressure coincides well with the curv of tensile forces due to Flac which gives the greater force (Fig.
He is actually unbeaten in handicap hurdles at the course in the last four seasons, and today the Lambourn trainer runs Lit Et Mixe in such a race at 3.
25) Similarly, the medicinal recipe "For a sore Throat" directs the reader to "Mingle burnt Allum, the yolk of an Egge, powder of White Dogs turd, and some Honey together, tye a clowt on the end of a stick wet in this mixture, and therewith rub the throat: or mixe white Dogs turd and Honey, spread it on Sheeps leather, and apply it to the Throat.
Instead of accepting the blame, like Lucrece, she wishes that she could expel the "poison," and infect Lothario with it: "O that I could spit out the spiders bladder, / Or the toads intrals into thee, to take part / And mixe with the diseases that thou bear'st .
Carlos Rojas (28), an indigenous Mixe from Oaxaca, Mexico, uses video to monitor and document human rights abuses against indigenous and peasant communities that have long endured discrimination, especially in Mexico's southern states of Guerrero, Oaxaca, and Chiapas.
In 1985, indigenous Mixe communities north of Juchitan founded one of the region's first indigenous rights organizations: the Union de Commidades Indigenas de la Zona Norte del Istmo (Association of Indigenous Communities in the Northern Zone of the Isthmus, or UCIZONI).
Other researchers have treated the mixing process in static mixe r elements as planar transformations (9) or using simplified geometries to model static mixers (10) to reduce computational costs.
This unanticipated finding lead to further investigation as to whether these gender differences in the online discussions remained when these same students were in mixe d gender groups in the same course.