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1970), "Analysis of a Mnemonic Device," American Science, 58, 496-510.
The instructor then introduced the additional mnemonic device (WWW, What = 2, How = 2) along with a chart that included each letter of the mnemonic device.
These include instruction using strategies and mnemonic devices (Joseph & Hunter, 2000; Test & Ellis, 2005), manipulatives and pictures (Bulter, Miller, Crehan, Babbitt, & Pierce, 2003), and the use of the Direct Instruction model (Scarlato & Burr, 2002).
What happens to their authenticity as information carriers, as mnemonic devices, and as evidence?
In addition, because the company name was often mispronounced, Aflac wanted to create a mnemonic device that would reinforce name awareness and recall.
I'm concerned average citizens are without a proper mnemonic device to remember the pigment levels of alert under stress.
Using art as a mnemonic device for a culture's collective memory, these dancers and musicians contributed to the effort to stop the cycle of violence in this world, inviting people to bear witness to beauty in order to remember violence.
We then talked about the colors in white light, and how to remember the order of the colors in the rainbow by using the mnemonic device "ROY G BIV.
This mnemonic device is usually employed as a variation of what Gerald Davis calls a formula set that "develop[s] from a key word, idea, or phrase in the lines immediately preceding the set" (53):
Djelis employed rhyme as both a rhetorical tool and mnemonic device, since poetry was not a written art, initially.
The new Laws' resting place completes this drift of authorshi p: as a mnemonic device, they will accompany Hylas and Stelle on their wanderings away from the place of composition.
As a mnemonic device lines 10-12, which will almost scan as rhythmic amphibrachs as well, serve admirably.