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Paul uses a simple simile here, but by the twelfth century this text had become the authority for a fully developed mnemonic technique, using the planus (and sometimes also the elevatio) of a building laid out in one's mind as the structure for allegorical and moral meditation, the "superstructures" of sacra pagina, as Hugh of St.
Medical students often use mnemonic techniques to commit anatomical terms to memory (Hayden, 1999).
It would appear that the parallel with medieval mnemonic techniques can only partially be justified.
Kunihira developed similar mnemonic techniques for use with American children.
Or was he essentially a missionary who used science only to advance Christianity in China, much like Ricci used mnemonic techniques to interest the Chinese literati in this foreign religion?
Much of our previous work (Gordon, Valentine & Wilding, 1984; Wilding & Valentine, 1985, 1988, 1992, 1993) has suggested that superior memory performance is largely dependent on the employment of mnemonic techniques.
Monks used mnemonic techniques - especially visual ones which the Greek Simonides had hit upon by accident.
Scruggs and Mastropieri (1989b) taught adolescents with mild disabilities information about World War I using either a variety of mnemonic techniques ("reconstructive elaborations") or a more traditional drill-and-practice condition, which included pictures of the type found in textbooks.
Learn adaptive strategies such as mnemonic techniques (e.