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The MOAR reticle pattern is more intuitive, easier to see in low light and more visible against dark backgrounds and in shadows than other moa reticle patterns.
Moar said he was a member of the Zig Zag Crew, a Winnipeg-based gang affdiated with the Hells Angels.
two daughters, Marilyn Moar Wills of Los Osos, Calif.
Mrs Moar, of Stromness, said: "Alex is the bosun on a ferry and he's experienced at sea.
I selected their MOAR reticle pattern to interface this magnificent scope with the Troy Industries SDMR 556 rifle for the accuracy portion of our test and evaluation.
Lendoiro will have talks with boss Miguel Angel Lotina and sporting director Ricardo Moar Rios next week to finalise plans for the January transfer window.
A land, sea and air hunt was launched for the boat's owner, Alex Moar, 23, believed to have gone out alone in the vessel on Friday evening.
His publicist Nathalie Moar said: "He's travelling around the Mediterranean with friends.
Elsie Moar, an Aboriginal probation officer in The Pas, summed up the feelings of the conference: "We need to be involved from the paper screen to the hiring to the workplace for employment equity to become a reality.
We have been regarded as the technology leader in the live scan market because of our ability to deliver beyond the standard requirements and exceed customer expectations," said Jim Moar, President of L-1's Identix subsidiary.
In 2012 she received the Realtor Platinum Honor Society Award from MOAR and the Platinum Quality Service Award from QSC.