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OCHLOCRACY. A government where the authority is in the hands of the multitude; the abuse of a democracy. Vaumene, Dict. du Language Politique.

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Though the police have been largely successful in arresting those indulging in moral policing and mob justice, the poor conviction rate and the slow of pace of investigation have done little to improve the situation.
While vigilante groups took to the streets to deliver mob justice to convicts, and the News Of The World began a name-and-shame crusade against those on the sex offender register, police urged the public to leave crimefighting to the professionals.
More than an activist, he has championed the causes of those victimized by racial profiling, mob justice, and police brutality.
On Wednesday it was a crowd attempting to exact mob justice on the five louts who have been publicly branded as the murderers of the black teenager.
Taige Jensen a principal writer, director and voice talent for Angry Mob said, "Some of the things our privileged class of celebrities is doing are so crazy absurd and so beyond the bounds of conventional villainy that they cry out for mob justice.
This was the second such incident of mob justice in Bengaluru in the recent times.
Mob justice is common in the mainly indigenous Andean country.
Egypt has experienced a rise in crime rates, including robberies and carjackings, due to security breakdown amid reports of mob justice done by villagers against suspected thieves.
The scale of street violence is growing, amid increasing reports about activists disappearing, spiralling crime rates and instances of mob justice.
The alarming fact in the appalling incident of mob justice was that the man was lynched right in front of the police inside the local police station.
Many people have been angered by the current surge in violence against women and children and asked for the implementation of the death penalty or for mob justice.