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But bigness isn't the point, insisted Exxon's chairman and chief executive, Lee Raymond, who'll retain those jobs in the new Exxon Mobil Corp.
Noto, chairman and chief executive officer of Mobil Corporation.
Our joint, multi-state effort against Mobil is only the first step in what will be one of the major consumer and environmental battles of the 1990s: The fight to keep corporate America from taking unfair advantage of the public's concern for the environment," he says.
The Mobil 1 brand was featured on Sam's car when he made his 2006 debut in the Busch Series, and we're excited to see what the 2007 racing season has in store.
In their short joint statement, Mobil and Exxon said they could not guarantee a deal would be reached and declined further comment.
Mobil Foundation will award a grant of $250 to an eligible non-profit organization in the name of the employee or group of employees.
The Mobil Five-Star distinction truly illustrates our passion to deliver uncompromising service to the most discerning guest," said Sharon Slade, Vice President of St.
He joined Mobil in l968 as counsel in the Corporate Office of General Counsel.
Henry twisted his way into the pits by purchasing a bottle of Mobil High Endurance Motor oil and finding his winning code under the cap.
My grandfather started this firm many years ago, and our family has been doing business with Mobil for 99 years.
Acura selected Mobil 1, the world's best selling synthetic motor oil, to meet the unique lubrication demands of the first-ever Acura turbocharged and intercooled engine.
a director, member of the executive committee and vice president of Mobil Oil Corporation, and executive vice president-international, marketing and refining division, has been named to succeed Mr.