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Heads were knocked and demonstrators shot in mockable, in-your-face protests--with suspicious police officers and jeering bystanders--to win collective bargaining for labor and a voting-rights act.
But when criminally upstart characters such as Wild use the same linguistic tools successfully enough to reap rewards normally reserved for the gentry and aristocracy, then the same mockable folly becomes a serious social threat.
Erich Seidelmann presents an investigation of what local speakers in the Lake Constance area perceive to be the mockable variants of their neighbours.
Even a cursory examination of lines which were among those most admired by an Elizabethan critic, then, shows Phaer as eminently mockable.
Even in schools where the quality of education is decent, enthusiastically partaking in it can make you a mockable herd, even a target for daily brutalization.
What: Paris' mother, Kathy, horns in on the reality craze and hosts this competition show in which 14 hicks - specially selected for their easily mockable lower-class manners - vie for a year's lifestyle change and $200,000.