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DEMOCRACY, government. That form of government in which the sovereign power is exercised by the people in a body, as was the practice in some of the states of Ancient Greece; the term representative democracy has been given to a republican government like that of the United States.

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You worked towards Bulgaria's successful transition towards becoming a modern democracy.
He helped bring modern democracy to the United Kingdom as a leading campaigner for extending the franchise, and he fought against the Corn Laws which critics accused of causing poverty and starvation.
Extensive new commentary from Bill Moyers offers a fine guide to debates, cultural currents and the people who have shaped our modern democracy.
ambassador in the Turkish capital said on Wednesday that June 12 elections showed the progress Turkey had achieved on the way to modern democracy.
Arab League chief Amr Moussa, who is running for president of Egypt, suggested Tuesday that he would maintain a peace treaty with Israel and promised to fight corruption and turn the Middle East's most populous country into a modern democracy, the AP reported.
The philosophical seeds of modern democracy were planted during the 18th century Enlightenment, a movement that largely bypassed the Arab world.
Ever since taking over the rule in Bahrain in 1999, HM King Hamad has pledged to lift Bahrain to the rank of advanced countries through the path of modern democracy, Shaikh Fawaz affirmed.
Kyrgyzstan's former parliament speaker and deputy prime minister said Saturday that Turkey proved that a modern democracy could be established both in the Turkic and the Islamic world.
Highlighting her ideas for democratic advancement, Ambassador Haqqani expressed the hope that Pakistan would become a modern democracy as envisioned by Benazir.
The inspiring figure created modern democracy for the working man after launching a campaign for Parliamentary reform.
For they were the party which forced through so-called change to get rid of the old guard, corruption and cronyism that was supposedly destroying modern democracy.
Like Leo Strauss, Russell Kirk, Eric Voegelin, and Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Murray had the moral and intellectual courage to admit that no intellectually honest man could any longer defend the goodness of modern democracy simply on philosophic liberalism's original premises.

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