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Traffic circles (or conventional roundabouts) can be defined as intersections where traffic circulates around a center island but unlike modern roundabouts priority is given to the vehicles entering from branches and are designed considering weaving movements as the basic goal (Stanic et al.
The video asks the question, "With all of these benefits, why aren't all transportation agencies building modern roundabout intersections?
In 1990 the modern roundabout arrived in the United States in Summerlin, a planned community on the west side of Las Vegas, NV.
Although modern roundabout design is relatively new to the United States, perceived differences in motorists' behavior raise questions about how appropriate some international research and practices are for adoption in this country.
The modern roundabout also uses a narrower bridge, therefore contributing to savings in construction costs.
A modern roundabout is one-way circular intersection designed to maximize safety and minimize traffic delay, stated Matt Bullock, Chief District Engineer for the Department of Highways District 5 Office in Louisville.
A preferred alternative is being developed which will construct a modern roundabout.