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However, through specific scientific initiatives such as environmental engineering, modern science can also serve as a contributive instrument towards lessening the effects of this crisis.
The concordism found in that book and concordist interpretations in general depend upon lifting the biblical text out of its historical and biblical context, setting it back down in the context of modern science, and then having modern science determine the meaning of the words.
Modern science is on the verge of enabling mankind to grow such things as ribs and other body parts.
Nonetheless, his words may be fortuitous since they offer a golden opportunity for setting the historical record right and explaining how modern science actually has developed from conceptions of reality that were essentially religious.
An otherwise fine article on creation that honestly explores the relationships between Genesis and the ancient Near East studiously avoids discussion of how one is to relate Genesis to modern science.
Around the 1980s, leaders of China began to study Qi-Gong from a modern science point of view.
But modern science, the origins of which, according to Vesely, can be traced back to the development of perspective representation in the fifteenth century, sees things differently.
The role of the hermetic corpus in Renaissance culture is a wide-ranging topic, and the debate about the hermetic influence on the origin of modern science is a controversial and many-faceted issue.
There can be little doubt that modern science is one of the triumphs of Western Civilization.
How he did it while preparing this thick holiday handbook is a testament to will power and modern science if media reports are reliable.
The historical question that puzzled Needham for many years was "Why did modern science not develop in China?
It is a multidisciplinary study involving history, art, ancient writings, diplomacy and the intersection of ancient and modern science.