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So, the modern concordist (apparently unconsciously) ignores the biblical context, sets the offensive biblical passage into the context of modern science, and then figures out a way to make the passage agree with (or at least not disagree with) modern science.
The findings of modern science neither obviate the need for God, nor require that God be in time; the classical conception of God as absolutely transcendent "sits more than comfortably with everything modern science is telling us about the universe" (56).
The main thesis of this essay is largely inspired by the work of the Islamic scholar and philosopher, Seyyed Hossein Nasr--in fact, its bulk may be considered a humble summary of his writings regarding the intersection of religion, nature, and modern science.
Cohen's general thesis is that the potential for the scientific revolution existed in Greek antiquity but was not realized until the seventeenth century when two traditions came together with a third to produce what we call modern science.
Thirdly, China has been very much troubled while adopting Modern Science that is based in Western Philosophy which is independent of Chinese civilization.
Modern science is on the verge of enabling mankind to grow such things as ribs and other body parts.
Next, the fourth and fifth chapters focus on how missionary efforts in promoting science caught the attention of Chinese literati as well as officials of the Qing dynasty, a fact that led to the massive translation projects and popularization of modern science in the midnineteenth century.
Never Let Me Go is an eerie novel about the potential future relationship between modern science and Western society--and the conflicting consequences.
But today's organic farming movement goes far beyond simply farming without the use of modern inputs; it's a belief system and a worldview that crystallized at the dawn of the 20th century as a backlash against modern science.
Deftly compiled and edited by Zainal Abidin Bagir (Center for Religious and Cross-cultural Studies, Gadjah Mada University, Indonesia), Science And Religion In A Post-Colonial Word: Interfaith Perspectives is an in-depth study of conceptual findings and theories of modern science and the questioning required by the various theologies of diverse religions.
The faithful have an obligation to listen to that which secular modern science has to offer, just as we ask that knowledge of the faith be taken in consideration as an expert voice in humanity," observed Poupard.
An otherwise fine article on creation that honestly explores the relationships between Genesis and the ancient Near East studiously avoids discussion of how one is to relate Genesis to modern science.