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MODUS, civil law. Manlier; means; way.

MODUS, eccl. law. Where there is by custom a particular manner of tithing allowed, different from the general law of taking tithes in kind, as a pecuniary compensation, or the performance of labor, or when any means are adopted by which the general law of tithing is altered, and a new method of taking them is introduced, it is called a modus decimandi, or special manner of taking tithes. 2 Bl. Com. 29.

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It was under the tutelage of his entrepreneurial uncle Mehul Choksi, the head of India's Gitanjali diamonds and now also caught up in the fraud storm, that Modi learned his trade.
Whether it's Lalit Modi or Nirav Modi, whoever does this kind of shameful thing, that in itself is a disgrace to the country.
Then his father Deepak Modi took the business to Antwerp in Belgium, the diamond capital of the world.
With the Kickstarter campaign under way and supply of MODI modules to the UK soon to follow, LUXROBO is ready for a take-off.
The remarks of Modi had also been criticized by Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) chairman Bilawal Bhutto who termed them highly provocative, irresponsible and inflammatory for the people of Pakistan.
The Modi government is seen doing exactly what the Congress government has done for years, pampering the corporate lords and IPL gambling as state policy, helping the top corrupt elements, extending favoritism to the rich and international frauds, and instead of undertaking steps to punish these essentially anti-national and anti-people elements and to make Indian polity cleansed.
However, it is still too early to impugn Prime Minister Modi on this basis.
They shouted Modi's name while they waited for Modi to come and unveil the Gandhi statue.
The voter mandade that swept Narendra Modi into the prime minister's office has important implications beyond India's borders in terms of foreign policy, foreign investment and, some say, religious extremism.
What does the rise of Modi represent, and if he becomes Prime Minister what kind of India will we get?
India, March 8 -- I am no supporter of Arvind Kejriwal but I must say in recent months he is the sole politician on the Indian scene to have had the courage to take on Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi.
Summary: Virtually Rejecting Nitish Kumar's demand to rule out Modi as NDA's prime ministerial candidate, the BJP said that it will not tolerate unfounded inferences against the Gujarat Chief Minister.