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MODUS, civil law. Manlier; means; way.

MODUS, eccl. law. Where there is by custom a particular manner of tithing allowed, different from the general law of taking tithes in kind, as a pecuniary compensation, or the performance of labor, or when any means are adopted by which the general law of tithing is altered, and a new method of taking them is introduced, it is called a modus decimandi, or special manner of taking tithes. 2 Bl. Com. 29.

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Modi was obviously keen to offset China's growing influence.
As I have already announced, I would start my campaign against him from Varanasi (from where Modi is MP).
I urge you all to share your questions on the Narendra Modi Mobile App.
Rehman Malik said Modi wants dominance of India over Pakistan and this approach is his psychological disorder.
Modi added further trouble to besieged Swaraj by confirming that Kaushal has been on the payroll of Indofil for quite some time while confirming the development, which is in total contrast to Swaraj's claim that Kaushal and their daughter Bansuri Swaraj appeared in court as Modi's lawyer free of cost as family friends.
However, it is still too early to impugn Prime Minister Modi on this basis.
Modi is scheduled to address Australia's parliament on Tuesday, Nov.
US President Barack Obama had congratulated Prime Minister Narendra Modi during a phone call and discussed Indo-US strategic partnership.
Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai will make a courtesy call to Modi tomorrow in the morning at 9.
President Barack Obama is inviting Modi to visit the United States, offering a fresh start to a relationship bruised by a decision years ago not to let Modi into the U.
Union Minister Rajiv Shukla said that Modi calls himself a "Hindu Samrat", but he did not go to Ayodhya which was very surprising.
Modi built an engineering team to research and define future speech applications.