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To determine the molar mass by viscometry, a chitosan solution 0.
Taylor, Molar mass and related quantities in the New SI, Metrologia 46, L16-L19 (2009).
Asphaltenes self-associate and the apparent molar mass at any given concentration increases with decreasing temperature.
314472 Mohr and kJ/(kmol*K) Taylor (2005) Molar mass of dry air [M.
For the MWD of the Co/Nd-BR, the previous literature [19] revealed that the alkyl aluminum containing hydride moiety such as diisobutyl aluminumhydride (D1BAH) had high efficiency to control the molar mass of BR than an alkyl aluminum such as triiobutylaluminum (TIBA).
The higher a tire rubber s molar mass, the better the product s end properties normally are rolling resistance, for instance, explains Dr.
Researchers, practitioners, and educators in the fields of agricultural and food science engineering, air conditioning, atmospheric physics, drying and dehumidification, gas turbines, compressors and expanders, meteorology, psychrometrics, and standards make numerous psychrometric (moist air) calculations that are based in part on the molar mass of dry air.
The data tables are arranged alphabetically by polymer name, then further organized by their increasing average molar mass.
This choice of Avagadro's number keeps the numerical value of the mass of one atom in atomic mass units the same as the numerical value of one mol of atoms in gram molar mass units.
A high molar mass shoulder thus appears and naturally impacts the average molar mass as reported in Table 1.
For four decades, size-exclusion chromatography has played a prominent role in characterizing polymers, by determining the polymer's molar mass averages, often not absolutely but relative to some calibration standard.