Small Business

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Small Business

A type of enterprise that is independently owned and operated, has few employees, does a small amount of business, and is not predominant in its area of operation.


Sole Proprietorship.

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It was a bit upsetting to walk among the carcasses on the sidewalk, so mom and pop and I decided it might be nice to listen to some uplifting music.
After a day walking around the neighborhood, mom and pop and I decided it was time for something to eat.
Last year, when a Starbucks opened a couple of doors down from the Lims' Sherman Oaks location, the talk around the neighborhood was that another mom and pop store was surely going to fold.
The neighborhood has stayed loyal to its mom and pop store.
Mom and Pop Marketing also offers sponsored and featured ad placements to companies that offer products and services that are necessary to growing businesses.
Mom and Pop Marketing integrates all of its attributes into one secure and easy to navigate site.
This is truly a mom and pop play from grandpa Wil, the CEO and Chairman, to Will Jr.
First, it will create a network of hundreds of mom and pop retail outlets across the country ranging from small stores to local catalog sales operations.
Our brisket is the perfect combination of tenderness and flavor - beef brisket that you would expect to find at a roadside stand, an outdoor food festival or your favorite mom and pop shop where pop is known as the authentic, slow roasting pit master," said Tom Ryan, Quiznos Chief Concept Officer.
These giant retail units will bring shoppers out and breathe new life into smaller chains and Mom and Pop stores.
Since this is accepted to be the cut-off date to accrue super powers, all involved are understandably concerned: Mom and Pop wonder if Scott might be - gasp
Now today, as small business owners recognize "National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day," Ford is taking its popular fuel-efficient commercial van directly to many of their front doors.