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CEO and Chief Investment Officer of South Texas Money Management (STMM) has been named by Barron's magazine to their list of Top 100 Women Financial Advisors.
Mail your money management questions to Money Matters.
Such shopaholics, who max out their credit cards and borrow to pay for essentials, have to work their way out of debt and learn to trust in their money management.
The company's top floor location represents a significant step for this money management firm.
Given the deluge of money management publications, this new installment is an appropriate addition to the series.
Many personal finance experts believe in the importance of heading off money problems for today's children by teaching money management skills at an early age.
There are 8,000 money management companies in the United States, with a wide diversity of approaches - active versus passive, value versus growth, sector rotators and dividend yield managers - the list goes on.
Eyeing Gaza, Norway Evaluates Mideast Companies - Global Money Management (187 Words)
16, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Money management has long been one topic that garners much attention and interest amongst people from all walks of life.
WHEN DONNA AND TERRANCE BELL married 16 years ago, they didn't see eye to eye on money management.
Representatives from the local college's financial aid office and from lending institutions will present workshops designed to help students understand the processes for obtaining scholarships, grants and loans, as well as assist with money management and filling out federal financial aid forms.