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Currently, there are more than 400 locations nationwide where customers can purchase an HP Mopier from a qualified BTA distributor.
For example, if an IT manager is responsible for purchasing anything that goes on their company's network, now they have the power to leverage their established relationship with the COMDEX channel to find the best HP Mopier solution for them.
HP Mopier resellers, with their long history of analyzing paper flow around the office, are ideally suited to this task.
The HP Mopier network copiers' combination of walk-up digital copying, reliable network printing and easy integration into office networks will provide a complete network solution for customers who demand efficient and productive ways to make copies from their desktops (mopies), as well as the convenience of walk-up copying.
The HP Mopier line of network copiers includes the Mopier 240 network copier, HP's pioneer Mopier, as well as the Mopier 320, a 32 page-per-minute network copier featuring a convenient walk-up digital copying capability.
The HP Mopier 320 network copier is competitively priced, starting at $14,498(1) (U.
In the MFP Report, published by Bissett Communications, the October 1998 review of the Mopier 320 states "the final copy samples HP delivered are quite stunning.
Using Xionics' Print Technology, HP has developed the PostScript compatible Mopier 320 to perform faster, more memory-efficient and 100 percent compatible with Adobe's PostScript solution.
Our approach to network mopiers is distinctly different from the approach used by traditional copier vendors entering the world of network printing," said Carolyn M.
Pricing and Availability The Mopier 320 network copier is expected to be available next month through authorized dealers offering the service and support that copier customers are accustomed to.
With the Mopier 240 network copier, we have taken the next step toward offering a complete network-copying solution that provides users the features and functionality they need to make copies directly from their desktops," said Keith Cutter, marketing manager for HP's Mopy/Copy Solutions Operation.