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In hindsight, one cannot but think that the frenzied, alienating, absurd writing of that terrible novel was a form of a breakdowna collapse of the famous moral compass whose directions society no longer followed.
Bill English has so lost his moral compass he is giving himself, and other high income earners, a tax cut rather than putting money into vital social services and addressing rising living costs.
When we find ourselves on that path, we must grab our personal moral compass and let our values guide us.
In the twisted world of left and right politics, having a moral compass can sometimes send people in the wrong direction.
and that the importance of having a strong moral compass and an ethical foundation was stressed.
An essential starting point then would be to research, adopt, and put in place an overarching moral compass that not only addresses today's needs, but also draws into its ambit and assists every segment of our citizenry to progress as a cooperative and unified society.
IF football possessed a moral compass, it would point directly at Graham Taylor.
We may disagree on many things, but our shared moral compass can - and should - provide an underlying source of unity that allows us to overcome our disagreements and achieve more than we realized was possible.
It is that inner imperative and moral compass that shape the elements of leadership noted in Christopher Johnson's essay.
Seventeen-year-old Lake's older sister, Pat, has always been his moral compass, like a voice inside his head every time he has a decision to make.
A civil war that runs so far out of control as to kill 300 individuals from neutral countries is a war atrocity beyond the moral compass of the entire watching world.