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After receiving this information, respondents expressed their opinion, through a rating system, about features of these three systems related to their moral repugnance in terms of six ethics features: coercion of choice (i.
I argue that Cohen's appeal to invasiveness does not adequately capture the moral repugnance of the state's conscripting people into work at a given occupation.
It is quite right that we should demonstrate our moral repugnance and a desire to see the perpetrators punished.
Mostly American scholars of philosophy explore such issues as freedom and money, the good and bad family, homosexual acts and public discourse, abortion and moral repugnance, privacy, religious toleration, the future of racial integration, Locke's defense of preferential treatment, and the moral responsibility of bystanders.
Awakening people to the moral repugnance of animal exploitation rests on challenging the assumption of a human-animal hierarchy, just as awakening people to the moral repugnance of slavery required challenging the assumption of a racial hierarchy.
On top of its moral repugnance, the Buck decision illustrates the hubris behind state-sponsored sterilization: that government experts could know which members of society were unfit to have children.
Faced with a kill-or-be-killed scenario, the kids find their moral repugnance to warfare more easily diluted than adults'.
Flaws with Douhet lie in the laws of war, in the moral repugnance toward the idea of killing innocents intentionally, and in anticipating the weakness of a populace under aerial siege.
Such a reading, Rose claims, also helps explain the lack of resonance and, indeed, moral repugnance most British workers felt for Marxism.