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It may be fun to you," said Miss Lindsay sharply; "but it is not very creditable to me, as Miss Wilson said just now, to take a prize in moral science and then have to write down that I don't know how to behave myself.
That's because you don't know as much moral science as I, though I never took a prize in it.
All that they knew was, that they spoke of a glory to be revealed,--a wondrous something yet to come, wherein their soul rejoiced, yet knew not why; and though it be not so in the physical, yet in moral science that which cannot be understood is not always profitless.
For instance, schools that adhere to the CBSC Indian curriculum give students the option to study moral sciences instead of Islamic studies, with the same applicable for languages.
Pyschologization," defined as the entrance of psychological vocabulary and explanatory schemes into fields that are not traditional theoretical and practical terrains of psychology, has globally spread into almost every societal field, including companies, advertising, culture, politics, and our social and family lives, argues De Vos (philosophy and moral sciences, Ghent U.
The sole new item in WIC from these years is an extract from the minutes of a meeting of the Moral Sciences Club in 1912 reporting that Wittgenstein talked on 'What is Philosophy?
Brearley, the Cambridge graduate with a first in Classics and a 2:1 in Moral Sciences, and Botham, whose morals were often the subject of lurid front page tabloid headlines.
This is a task and a teaching that, in my opinion, should not be denied to students of economics, but it must be done in the interdisciplinary field in which economics cannot work separately from moral sciences.
He makes the fascinating point that Whewell's History and Philosophy were the first two parts of a three-stage project, of which the third part, never completed, was to have been on the moral sciences.
The Prizes are presented annually in the categories of Advanced Technology, Basic Sciences, and Creative Arts and Moral Sciences, to honor individuals and groups worldwide who have made significant contributions to mankind's scientific, cultural, and spiritual betterment.
With an educational background in the moral sciences, Belgian Tayart de Borms has been involved with foundations for over 20 years, mostly in Europe but also the US.
At some point the mainstream of economics became detached from the moral sciences and then from morality itself.